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What to Know Before Volunteering in ARGENTINA

Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world, although most of its population

is highly concentrated in the Capital city of Buenos Aires and the province of the same name.

Argentina is a country with beautiful landscapes, from the pampas (Argentinian lowlands), to the snowy mountains in the south and the Patagonian Desert.

The city of Buenos Aires reminds me of being in a European country, with its cathedrals, historical buildings, museums, etc.

The Argentinians people are very friendly, making you feel comfortable when treating and working with them.


It is, like most countries in Latin America, a Spanish speaking country, although Argentina is the country with the highest percentage of people with knowledge of English in the region.


Argentina has four seasons, with cool humid winters between June and September, and hot summers between December and march.


The national currency is the Argentinian peso, you have to take into account that there is an official exchange rate and many unofficial or black market exchange rates. Beware that Argentina’s inflation rate and devaluation of its national currency is in some periods of history very high.

Timings and weekends

Most Argentinians like to spend their free time in parks, coffee shops and restaurants.

There are many options if you want to enjoy a play or a movie in theaters, cinemas, especially in the Corrientes street that is like Broadway from New york.

Safety precautions

It is recommended to be aware, especially when going to isolated areas in big cities, like Buenos Aires. There is pickpocketing in subways trains, in part because of its high amounts of tourists.

Religious Diversity

Two thirds of the population are Catholic, there is a considerable Jewish community

Argentina is a secular state.

Key phrases to know

When addressing a friend, Argentinians often use the word “che” instead of “usted” or “tu”, meaning you as is common in the rest of Spanish speaking countries, Argentinians use the noun “Vos”.

People do not tend to speak formally, they prefer a more friendly form of speak even with people they do not know.


The city of Buenos Aires has a very good transportation system, including subway, bus, for inner city transportation, and an efficient railway system for transportation to other cities.


Argentina has a public, free health care system, even if you are not a resident, it is possible to get medical assistance if you have an emergency.

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