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Located in East Africa land located country which is surrounded by Kenya and Tanzania in the east and Rwanda in the south, Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa because of a variety of beauties ranging from the weather, sceneries, wildlife, history, people, soils and traditions. Volunteer in Uganda is a learning experience with satisfaction.

Born in Uganda in the 80s, My name is Henry Nsamba, I am the author of a few motivation books, CEO of Youth ark Uganda and a motivational speaker. I love making friends, making others happy through helping, I love traveling and listening to music.

In Youth ark Uganda we collaborate with the locals, leaders and well-wishers to address different challenges that are faced in different communities. This is mainly done through volunteering, we train others with different life Skills, visit the needy and those in prison and all kinds of social work like community cleaning. Volunteer in Uganda is more reliable.

I am grateful for your desire to visit and volunteer in Uganda and I would love to give you a small insight on the pearl Africa.


Volunteer in Uganda


Uganda is a multilingual country  with over 43 spoken languages with the main languages being English and Swahili


The country is made up of different tribes of different origins, in the central are the Baganda in Buganda kingdom with their king called kabaka. This is the largest and most influential tribe. In the east, you meet the basoga speaking Lusoga, in the North Acholi, in the west banyankole and in the south bakiga. Their also other tribes but those are the most influential tribes in those regions. All these tribes have a varsity of background, norms and transitions in stories one would sit down and listen to and enjoy.


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However political history shows Uganda has gone through a lot of violence, with so many wars and changes of leaders. The saddest but interesting story one would find interesting was about the late president Idi Amin Dada, he made a lot of funny things. For example, long ago one was supposed not to close the back and front door of the house during day time so when patrolling, the army men walking in the line would just cross through the house. Lots of stories volunteers learn while they Volunteer in Uganda.

Of late there was a war in the north in the early 90s but it’s safe now. However, if you happen to come to Uganda find a local to tell you the stories of the warlord called Kony and his sad atrocities.


The current regime of his excellence the President of Uganda, Mr Museveni Kaguta has ruled for over 33 years, despite challenges like high levels of corruption, poverty and unemployment and so on. There is development in the infrastructure of good roads, security, electricity, and access to basics like food, medication, water and so on in most parts of the country.


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If you want to live peacefully in Uganda avoid politics, don’t get near it or any political activity., don’t involve in it, its a risky game down here. you will enjoy the country to the fullest if you leave politics alone. For Volunteer in Uganda, you must know these facts to interact with the public more engagingly.

This is the most charming part that I would enjoy to share, food in Uganda is very cheap, no matter your class and budget. At any cost or wallet there is something you can afford. At break fast you can cook your own tea at the residence, whether dry or milk, if you are going to stay for long, its better you go to the market with a local and stock the spices of tea and food. You can have snacks from those in supermarket to flied ones on the road side stall like cassava, pancakes, peas sumbus, mandaz and so on. The cost for these is almost the same in all regions only the tests may varry depending on recipes and hygiene.


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The most unique one is called a Rolex, this is a Chappit rolled with a flied agg, cut tomatoes and cabbage inside. The Rolex can apply to breakfast and meal because its always heavy. The second item to ask out for on your food menu should be luwombo. It can be beef, chicken or g.nuts luwombo, this is unique sweet and interesting. We have restaurants from small ones with cheap food, you can even collect food every day in a container and eat from your residence, to big and expensive restaurants.


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The other idea would be to have a charcoal stove and always cook from your residence.

Its wise to have a tray of eggs, a loaf of bread, kilo of sugar and tea leaves in your residence. This makes life easy , anytime you can Cook a quick cheap meal. Don’t forget to stock and always enjoy the variety of fresh fruits like mangoes, Jack fruits, sugarcane, pineapple, oranges, watermelons and so on. Please endeavor to enjoy


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Safety precautions

Safety is important while in Uganda please not the following precautions:

To travel, use safe Boda app that’s if you want to use a motorcycle to go somewhere.

To travel in a car use uber car app. Travel with little money, avoid moving at night more so in small roads or corridors. Avoid dark corners, avoid footing at night, don’t use your phone in a car while the window screen is down. Never walk at night while using your phone it will be snatched. Always live in a residence which is secure. Look at the door locks, lock the doors properly before you go to sleep and whenever inside the room. Dont risk. The eesidence should at least it should have a fence or some good security features. Don’t trust everyone you meet but try to smile most people are lovely people.

While walking on the street carry your bag on the front not on your back, they can open it and steal out your things



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How to use Ugandan roads, while walking be carefully and cautious, in uganda we have so many motorcycle riders called boda boda riders who ride recklessly so move on pedestrian ways, pavement or aside of the road, while crossing be carefully our drivers dont respect zebra crossings so dont be confident while using them, be vigilant. avoid driving if possible, avoid sitting in a front seat while in car,


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always put on your seat belt and don’t avoid to check the driver if his driving very fast or recklessly. If you are to use our mini buses, take it from the park or defined stage not the ones moving, its risky.


Ugandans are lovely people and very caring, while in Uganda find a trusted local. Youth ark Uganda we have so many young people we trust, that you can book to move with all over for company and guidance.Take time to tell stories of life in your country, the locals love it so much. People love volunteers so much and appreciate them. Ugandan people think that white people are Rich so most of them may want to take advantage and hike costs. In case you are to meet a local person you have never met, he or she should either come where you are or meet in a public place like restaurant or park or hotel. Don’t go with strangers, don’t allow car lifts please. Do allow someone you don’t know to help you lift anything of yours mostly in Kampala. Don’t expose yourself while removing money from your wallet or bag.


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if you want to know the cost of something don’t ask a service provider, and take time to negotiate though its always wise to use a supermarket, we have so many all over. However items seem to be cheaper in the local markets and in Kampala. Old cheap clothes are found in local markets if you are in Kampala ask to go to Owino market and if very far from Kampala, there designated days of the week for a public market. Food crops away from Kampala a cheap if a local can help you find a farmer or local Producer


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One-third of the population is Roman Catholic, one-third is Protestant, and 16 percent is Muslim; 18 percent believe in local religions, including various millenarian religions. World religions and local religions have coexisted for more than a century, and many people have established a set of beliefs about the nature of the universe by combining elements of both types. There is a proliferation of religious discourses centering on spirits, spirit possession, and witchcraft.


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We are happy to have so many churches or prayer places, so please take time to go and pray, though some churches are owned by cone men in the titles of pastors, so mind also the church you go to


Volunteer in Uganda

Volunteering in Uganda can be really very interesting, you may volunteer in schools, hospitals, farms, NGOs, workshops, orphanages and so on. This involves teaching at all levels, administrative responsibilities, medical assistance, looking after children and so on. Accommodation is very cheap though some organization also offer accommodation and food.


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There are paid placements, there also so many free placements if you can coordinate with Youth ark Uganda, locals


There is always accommodation appropriate to any budget of a traveler or volunteer, fees range from 5 dollars and above a night depending on location and facilities. However please take high precautions on security features of the venue and surrounding environment, sanitation and so on. Avoid residing in highly slum areas, avoid very cheap accommodations, they are highly insecure. Use a local or Youth ark Uganda to allocate a safe and fairly priced accommodation or still you will have to use Youth ark Uganda Hostel.



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Outing or partying

If you want to go out at night, we have so many partying places, Ho2 is on acacia avenue, its flequenced by the whites but its a little expensive, however along acacia avenue there so many good and safe bars. We have many types of beers like club, bell, Turker, spirits and wines, some which are locally made, take time to taste them but be careful, some are very strong.


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When tired and leaving, board from the entrance of the bar, don’t walk around its risky. Don’t take any ride at night, never do that, use the app to request for means and stick with people you came with, if you came alone , leave alone. Don’t leave the bar with strangers or new friends from the bar. Going to the bar, leave valuables like your phone at home if possible, don’t become drunk thats not good, dance in open space enjoy the night, let the waiter open the drink infront of you. Going for a Cole leave your drink with someone you trust or go with it. Avoid congested and dark areas, don’t involve in any argument or fight, don’t dance until morning. Keep yourself safe most of the girls in the bars are prostitutes targeting men and a report shows majority are HIV/AIDS positive. Volunteer in Uganda is simply helping out the mankind


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Places to visit

The pearl of Africa which is a very beautiful country, take time to visit the source of river Nile in jinja, the longest river in the world, the equator in Masaka, Murchison falls, gollira tracking in bwindi, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kampala city walk, slum tour in Bwaise, sand beaches in Entebbe, Buganda traditional tombs, Uganda museum, mabira Forest and so many others


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Traditions and norms

Ugandans have different tribes basically according to the regions, in the central we have Baganda, in the east Basonga, Bagisu, in the west Banyankole, in the both acholi and lua, in the south Bakiga. All of them have different cultures and background take time to learn most of the are very interesting.


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Culture and traditions are also expressed through a wide range of arts and Crafts made from wood ,Papyrus reeds and local materials . These include black smithimplements ,beaded Jewellery, wood carvings and batiks.They can be found all over the city in village bazaars, gift shops,hotels , Urban galleries and the National Theatre Craft Market.



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Shaking hands is the normal form of greeting. Casual dress is considered appropriate in the daytime and evening. It is customary to give waiters and taxi drivers a 10 percent tip. Etiquette is important at family meals. When a meal is ready, all the members of the household wash their hands and sit on floor mats. Visitors and neighbors who drop in are expected to join the family at a meal. Normally a short prayer is said before the family starts eating. During the meal, children talk only when asked a question. It is considered impolite to leave the room while others are eating. Leaning on the left hand or stretching one’s legs at a meal is a sign of disrespect. When the meal is finished, everyone in turn gives a compliment to the mother. The common cultures, our women kneel down to greet people mostly elders, its wierd to walk while eating on the street, also not good to make romantic gestures or things in public like kissing. Its important to say thank you. So as you learn these cultures, kindly accept diversity.

I and my team shall be happy to receive you in Uganda. Be assured of any kind of help you would want.


Rotarian Henry Nsamba


Youth ark Uganda


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