Volunteer in Singapore

Volunteer in Singapore

What to Know Before Volunteering in Singapore

Singapore is an island and a country. Known as a city state and located at the south side of Malaysia. It is the most modern city and a small island with a mix of Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian, English cultures and religions. It is a small country but populated with 5.6 million people. Singapore landmass consists of 64 islands surrounding the main island. Sentosa is one of them. Singapore got the inspiration from a tiger. Merlion, Singapore is an iconic emblem. The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s tail. There was an ancient story behind this Merlion. It was founded by Sang Nila Utama. While hunting for animals, the prince spotted a strange creature that looked like a lion. Volunteer in Singapore will teach and entertain you with much more fun


Singapore is sometimes called a Garden City as the country has wide variety of trees and plants. It is greenery everywhere and a clean country. With its land shortage, almost all its buildings are high rise. That is why we named Singapore as a city of skyscrapers and filled with lush greenery. Nearly half of the land in Singapore is under green cover. Singapore is also a safe country with smoke-free and hygienic in its public area. With its land shortage, almost all its buildings are high rise. Many people who Volunteer in Singapore have extremely appreciatable views regarding Singapore’s environment.


You can travel from one destination to another just with any transport in the city. We have taxis, Mass Rapid Transit, Buses, and even LRT. It is basically, very convenient. Just get a transit card at the airport for the duration of the journey. You can book a seat in Flight on discounted rates through Singapore Airlines.


As Singapore is a multi-national country, in your journey to Volunteer in Singapore you can choose many local delights. You can eat at hawker centers, coffee shops, or food courts rather than restaurants as the food are more affordable and with many food options. Remember to tell the stall owner if you wanted your food to add sugar or add more salt as the Singapore government is promoting healthy eating throughout the country. Well, food in Singapore is less salty, and I will say it is more healthy. You can call the stall owners, “aunties or uncles” depending on whether they are woman or men. Be cautious, they usually dictate their age. That means they are usually your elders. Volunteer in Singapore is much more exciting to have.

Languages and Religions

English is the first language of Singapore but many locals speak Singlish, not just English. A colourful local slang which is part of everyday conversation in Singapore. Malay, Chinese, and Tamil languages are spoken also. Usually citizens learned it at school as their mother-tongue language. Most Singaporeans should be able to communicate in English. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, and Malay are the main religions in Singapore. As Singapore is a multi-racial society, citizens are in harmony and unity together. As such, most people respect one another religion.

Where to volunteer in Singapore?

Cat Welfare Society — Taking care of animals

National Library Board — read to underprivileged children

Silver Ribbon Singapore — the integration of people with mental illness

Love Kuching Project — dealing with cats

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support — a programme for pregnant teenagers who need support and guidance

Animal Concerns Research– Protection of animals

Food From The Heart — by collecting bread from various bakeries islandwide

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) – Taking care of dogs

Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations (SCWO) — lend support to the organisation

Association for Women for Action and Research (AWARE) – To be a helpliner Willing Hearts – cook, cleaning and admin work

Voices for Animals – to assist during their adoption drives or to adopt and foster rescued pets. 

Mummy Yummy Singapore – you can make monthly food packets drop-offs.

Cat Welfare Society – Taking care of cats

Lion’s Befrienders – Be a fiend to seniors citizens

Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) – to help organise events, or be a face-to-face or helpline counselor.

National Environment Agency and CGS (Clean and Green Singapore) – who can aid their efforts towards dengue protection and cleanliness.

Intellectually Disabled in Singapore – to organise outings and specific neighbourhood projects.

Some Attractions

The world’s first night zoo in Singapore – Night Safari, home to nocturnal animals.

Singapore has the most waterfalls that are handmade– the first man-made waterfall was built at Jurong Bird Park in 1971. Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay has a huge 35-meter waterfall. Jewel Changi Airport house a world tallest waterfall which is about 40 meters. UNESCO World Heritage Site – Singapore Botanic Gardens has a history of over 150 years. And many more.

Clothing or How to Dress

Although you can visit Singapore all year round but the best time to visit Singapore is between February and April. As February and April have  dry season and experience less rainfall than other times of the year. As Singapore is near the equator, it is very humid throughout the year, so do have light clothing with you. Wear something light. When going to work, wear something formal, just shirt and longs for men. For women, wear collared blouse and skirt. Suits are not necessary as Singapore has a hot weather. (unless advice by your superior)


The Singapore dollar (SGD) is an official unit of currency. Paper notes are denominated in $2, $5, $10, and $50. Coins come in 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and $1 denominations.

It is advisable before your Volunteer in Singapore or Vacation Tour to Singapore always exchange money at the Money Changer than the bank. The rate is always better than the bank.


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