Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal

What to Know Before Volunteering in Nepal

If you are looking to Volunteer in Nepal then this piece is for your guideline. Nepal is a multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic country. Nepal is a country of paradise as it is covered by spectacular hills and mountain and unity in diversity is the unique aspect of the country Nepal. It is landlocked as well as an agricultural country. Approximately more than 80 percent people depend on agriculture. The main slogan of Nepal is “Janani Janmabhuischa Swargadapi Gariyasi”, which means “Mother and motherland are greater than heaven. For Volunteer work in Nepal, there must be high opportunities waiting for you.

Nepal has been officially declared as the Federal Democratic Republic country. There are heterogeneous groups, marginalized communities, peasants, elite groups, and under-privileged people living into the thread of harmony. Nepal is a birthplace of Lord Buddha (Light of Asia) and it is land of Bir Gorkhali too. Nepal is alike yam that lies between two giant nations including India and China. It lies in South Asia, China in the North and India in the south, east and west. Mount Everest lies in Nepal which is the highest peak in the world.


Nepal is a host country in the parliament secretariat of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). It is obvious that Nepal has been an inevitable contributor to United Nations peacekeeping operations and Nepal is the fifth largest in military force ever since it has proved its worth in world wars known as Gurkha.


Volunteerism in Nepal

If you are enthusiastic to visit Nepal or to Volunteer in Nepal, it is your good choice. Nepal offers you a wide range of accommodations and luxuries like the facility of transportation, lodges, delicacies and warm hospitality to the visitors. There is a saying in our Nepal “Atithi dewo vawa” which means guests are like gods. We have heart touched panoramic view, natural beauties like a gorge, pond, lake, fountain, mountain, flora and fauna, stream, grassland, park, conservation area so on. We have become possible to lure the attention of thousands of tourists by providing each amenity what they look for.


You will be tremendously fallen in love with what we offer you and how we treat you. The way how Nepali facilitates you will surely blow your mind off. Nepal has ancient temples, monuments, historical and archaeological sites—Pasupatinath temple, Swoyambhunath temple and the pilgrimage sites like Lumbini, Kathmandu, Muktinath, Janakpur are the most renowned all over the world. During your journey of Volunteer in Nepal, don’t forget to catch the beauty of Nepal.


Besides these, you will be acquainted with the wide array of descriptions about Nepal and I guarantee that you will be goose-bumped after knowing about Nepal more.


As I depicted above, Nepal is a multi-lingual country. Nepali is the official language or mother tongue. For a volunteer in Nepal, this would be surprising that there are 129 different languages in Nepal according to the latest census. However, most languages belong to the Sino Tibetan language families and Indo-Aryan.

The saddest part of the language in Nepal is most of the languages are endangered as only 19 of them have more than 100,000 speakers. Some ethnic groups have their dialects. For example, Rai language has approximately 30 dialects. Maximum languages in Nepal are coded using the Devanagari script along with some indigenous languages.


According to the latest new constitution 2073 B.S, all languages spoken in Nepal are native languages. At first Nepali language used to be known as Khas-Kura and later known as Gorkhali. Overall, the Nepali language is known by different names including ‘Gorkhali, Khaskura, Nepalese, Parbate, Eastern Pahadi etc.


Nepal is known as the “full of the forest”. Natural diversity is a unique aspect of Nepal. It is said that Nepal is the richest country in water and natural resources. Nepal has five different seasons including Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter. If you are a volunteer in Nepal from nearby countries you would be used to this environment however if you came for volunteer work in Nepal from other western abroad countries then you must enjoy this amazement.



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The geographical structure is very peculiar in Nepal and due to this; the weather is very romantic and chilling. In Northern Nepal, the summers are extremely cool and winters are severe. In the South, summers are very hot and winters are cold and moderate.


The Himalayas play a vital role to block the cold winds blowing from Central Asia in winter and it forms the northern boundary for Monsoon rain. October and November is the best time to visit in Nepal because the weather is neither cold nor hot. The coniferous and deciduous forests have added good charm to maintain the weather in Nepal. Journey to Volunteer in Nepal is mostly influenced by the charm of beauty it has, said by many international volunteers who went to Nepal.


The Nepalese rupee, which is the symbol as रुपैया or रु, is the official currency in Nepal. As other foreign countries, the Nepalese rupee is subdivided into paisa. Here, we count one rupee equal to 100 paise. The central bank of Nepal named “Nepal Rastra Bank” controls the currency in Nepal.



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When people tend to do shopping, they use cash rather than credit cards. However, most of the department stores and 5-star hotels accept credit card as well. Nepalese people have learnt using ATM card too. As most of the part of Nepal is still backward in using the technology, cash is enormously used. Still, more than 50% of people in Nepal don’t know how to use online shopping via cards.

Timings and weekends

Nepal is 5.45 hours ahead Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+5.45)

Sunday is indeed working time and Saturday is the holiday time for entire Nepalese. It is noteworthy to mention that Nepali people get maximum festival holidays as compared to other countries in the world.


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During holiday eve, Nepali sticks with their family and does the creative household chores. Nepalese are very laborious like an ant. Therefore, they utilize their weekend by doing extra co-curricular activities.


We are currently practicing the multi-party system. The 204 years long autocratic Rana regime ended and there came democracy in 1950 A.D. However, the political condition of Nepal is being fluctuated since the very beginning days. The Monarchy or His Majesty ended and Nepal has been declared as the federal state.


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K.P Sharma Oli is the latest prime minister and Bidhya Devi Bhandai is the first female president in Nepal. There were many conspiracies, murder and assassination held in the name of confiscating the power and position. Many political parties like Nepali Congress, UML-CPN, Maoist are ruling in Nepal but they have too much false propaganda and scandals too. The first political party of Nepal was “Nepal Praja Parisad”. Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is considered leftist and Nepali Congress (NC) is centrist. On a top of all, the politics of Nepal is still sick and it is trying to make good leap towards eternal peace, progress and pursuit of happiness.

Religious Diversity

As I furnished above, Nepal is diversified in terms of religious practice. The constitution of Nepal has already guaranteed the freedom of religion. People have their own choice to adopt a religion according to their will. There hasn’t been occurred any riots in Nepal in the name of religion.



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The main religions of Nepal are Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity so on. Nepalese believe in the practice of secularism and we don’t create any kind of hierarchy or prejudice in the name of religion. Religious tolerance and solidarity among the religious group is the main motto for entire Nepalese.


Dal, Bhaat and Tarkari is a normal Nepali cuisine and it is eaten throughout the country encompassing Himalayan, Hilly and Terai. Dal is mainly a kind of soup made of lentils and Bhaat means rice made by paddy in the field. Tarkari is known as curry and it’s in the form of cauliflower, potato, cabbage, ladyfinger mixed with masalas. Dal, Bhat. Tarkari is extraordinary in ordinary food which can’t be halted one’s mind to eat this food if any foreigners happen to visit in Nepal.



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If you stuck in the restaurant, you will witness different dumplings with good odour and taste. Also, you can have rich continental foods in Nepal which you can enjoy after eating it. However, the interesting fact about Nepalese food is “Dhindo” and it is traditional healthy food.


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Once upon a moment, “Dhindo” used to be the food for poor people only but ever since Nepalese people are suffering from diabetes, acid reflux or gastric, even the rich people are eating “Dhindo” with optimum satisfaction. The friend of “Dhindo” is “Gundruk” made by the dry leaves. Thus, “Gundruk” and “Dhindo” are interesting cuisine even today in Nepal.


From both historical and modern times, clothing is the best choice for the people. “Daura Suruwal” is our national clothing. There is much ethnic clothing as well. According to religion, caste, tradition, rite, people use their attires. Nepalese costume is a unique one.



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Men wear “Dhaka Topi” head, women wear “sari” and typical people in Nepal wear “Daura Suruwal” and it is our national identity as well. Nepali crafts the clothes by their hand and there are garment factories too. During the festival time, people wear different clothes and they enjoy and dance.


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Nepal is a landlocked country and due to the odd topography, transportation facilities are not satisfactorily found here. Like in Europeans countries, we don’t have such outstanding services. “Trivuwan International airport” is only one international aviation service and no matter we have other local airports too.


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I must say the bitter truth that people in Nepal face my accidents because the routes are impassable and little vulnerable. Geographically, Nepal got cheated. The western part of Nepal is very much prone as the roads are not still black-topped and managed. We have the transportation facility like airways and roadways but we don’t have waterway neither Nepal has train route.


Nepal has no connection with any sea and due to this, the trade through the sea is impossible. We used to have a Trolley bus but not now. Nowadays, we have vehicles like bus, rickshaw, battery-run three-wheelers, bicycle, bike, car, van, taxi etc. The most interesting thing about Nepal’s transportation is Ropeway, Cable car, Moun


Nepal is leaping forward towards the healthcare phenomenon trying to give a satisfactory package to the patients. Health care services are catered by both standard-private and public in Nepal. Despite this, we are unable to meet the international standard.


Due to odd topography and sociological diversity, many infectious diseases, natural and artificial catastrophes have become the real threat to increase the morbidity and mortality rate in Nepal. However, clinic, hospital and rural polyclinics are available but it has not been able to meet the expectation of Nepali. Many infants are prone because of the less nutrition given by their parents. This is all because people are suffering from poverty. So, poverty-stricken condition of the millions of parents in Nepal is the tragic part to understand.


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In the urban areas like capital city Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Birjung, Chitwan do provide a wide range of healthcare facilities. Large sections of the population in Nepal, especially in rural areas, are still at risk of malnutrition. To be honest, there is no stable hospital and healthcare building established for the Coronavirus victims in compared to other countries. During the earthquake crisis 5 years ago, people died in large number due to the less facility of healthcare service.

Safety Precaution

If you are thinking of getting awesome safety in Nepal, then the case is not doubtful. Nepal is a sovereign country; it has not come under the attack of invaders, terrorists and all. Nepal is the most peaceful country in the world after Switzerland and we haven’t gone through any tension and turmoil in the name of race and culture. If you are keen to make your errand inside Nepal, you are utmost safe and sound.


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Nepal has open border access to India. Despite this, we haven’t been witnessed any kind of weapons supply and terrorist attack. Notwithstanding, many scientists and geography foresee Nepal as the most prone country for Earthquake but not Volcano, Tornado, Cyclone, Tsunami etc.


I make a humble plea to you all readers that Nepal is a very much safe place to visit and Nepali love for your visit. Come on! Visit to Volunteer in Nepal. You will get astonished by what Nepali provides you and you will guarantee your safety.

Markets and Bargaining

If you are keen to buy something surprising in Nepal, you will get is what you think. Nepalese markets have been embroidered with a wide range of archeology and ancient equipment like “Khukuri”, “Thanka painting”, “Handicrafts”, “Hand-knitted mats”, “beads and jewelry”, “Pashmina shawls” etc.


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The renowned markets of Nepal are new road, Asan Market, Thamel Bazaar, Boudha stupa market, Durbar square area etc. Nepalese sellers do provide with you the items at a cheap price with zero bargainings.


There are Malls and Supermarkets like city Mall, CTC malls, Civil Mall and you can purchase the branded clothes, electronic devices, gold, kitchen wares, fitness equipment, perfumes, toys so on. During Deepawali and Dashain (The greatest festivals in Nepal) and Christmas Eve, you will get the items at an affordable price with gift vouchers and hampers. The streets are decorated as the new bride elsewhere.


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