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Zooniverse (https://www.zooniverse.org/) is one of the world’s largest and most popular platforms that offer people-powered science projects . Currently sitting at over  1.6 million registered users around the world who are contributing to research projects led by hundreds of researchers. It has links to well over 80 projects, including the Old Weather Project and Decoding World War I Punchcards. There are plenty of projects that you can get involved in, allowing you to find something that strikes your interest. The list of projects here is constantly expanding. You should know that there is no time tracking for these initiatives nor does Zooniverse offer letters to confirm your time volunteering.



The Role/Expectations

There are various opportunities that volunteers can get with Zooniverse. You can be a researcher that works towards gathering information on topics. Or, you can transcribe information like in the Old Weather Project, where you transcribe hand-written weather observations. There are plenty of opportunities so that you can find something that you excel at and can help this organization with.

Benefits of Volunteering

Zooniverse aims to allow for research that may not be practical or possible without the help of our volunteers. Be a part of this community who wants to contribute to a better understanding of the world around you.

Time Commitment

There is no specific time requirement for volunteers. Whatever you can do for this organization is appreciated, as long as you do your best to complete your tasks well.

Volunteers are encouraged to join the conversation on the website and be active on the discussion boards to have a more in-depth conversation on these topics. A lot of the research on this website will actually take place on these boards. The goal is to work together to make incredible discoveries that can have a significant impact on the world.

Contact details

To register as a volunteer, you can visit this page to learn more about this opportunity: https://www.zooniverse.org/get-involved

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