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Exploration of Philippine Volunteerism

The Philippines also known as the Pearl of the Orient Sea is a hidden paradise located in the Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. The clean island, untouched mountains and friendly people surely will give peace and serenity when visiting this country.  

“The Philippines is a beautiful country” Why? Because it is so blessed. From the location and claim of this wealth, whether land or water, all the people living here and even the villagers are impressed. It is a tropical country, and its soil is mineral rich. Delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables are here to be found. There are times when the sun is too hot to burn on the skin, but it can be extinguished by the beautiful waters of crystal clear water. Swimming in the sea and swimming in rivers with a variety of fish is an unforgettable experience. It is also culturally rich. The official language is “Filipino,” but there are so many vernacular languages ​​that you can count on more than one hundred if you count. Every dialect, with a secret story, awaits your discovery. Most cities have a rich history of stories you can’t find anywhere else. But that is not all Filipino people find fun in the middle of a disaster. No matter what happens, we still welcome tourists and entertain guests. Being positive despite the problems we faces. These are just a few of the reasons why I can say the Philippines is beautiful. I know this is not all, but hopefully it will be enough to spark your interest in the land titled “Pearl of the East.”


Kamusta! My name is Aubrey and I belong to the indigenous tribe of dumagat here in the Philippines. Since I was born,  The 1,707 islands of the Philippines never failed to surprise me and today I would like to share my daily experience living in the paradise.I will become you guide towards Philippines culture,politics,religion and other important details.

History of Conflict

Philippines is a free country. Today we have a issue because one island in the Philippines is been sold by the corrupt politician to the Chinese for & billion pesos without the knowledge of the people which causes many local fishermen to evacuate . Many of the Chinese vessels try to kill fishermen. But these issue is trying to be fixed by our government. Other than that there is no major problem.


Philippines is a democratic state,People vote for the leader they desire every six years. Corruption is big in the Philippines. But many NGO (non-government unit) like Raffy tulfo in Action take part to abolish this matter. Politician in the Philippines is always loud and proud in their campaigns but gone like a wind when they win. Almost all politicians are corrupt but Rodrigo Duterte is not. He is not corrupt but he uses his influence to kill people who are drug addicts. Do not worry drug addicts are the only one in danger here in the Philippines. The campaign to abolish drugs in the Philippines is a hot topic for it causes evil doings and crime, Duterte thinks and many filipino agrees that if innocent people will be killed by the drug addicts why not kill the drug addicts instead.

Because of that many people is angry with the president even the local media do not like duterte but people love our president because the progress shows in his doings.  

Laws that you should know: https://dumagueteinfo.com/expats/general-information/laws-you-should-know-about-the-philippines/

Food - Delicious!

Filipino love to Fiest infact the Philippines hav different fest all year round. 

The most famous  Filipino Dish in the Philippines is Chicken Adobo it is a viand being paired with rice. Other viand you can try are Kare-Kare or Oxtail stew, Kinilaw or Raw fish cooked in pure vinegar, Sinigang or sour meat stew, and Paksiw. If you want to try exotic food you can have Balut, Balut is duck embryo steamed and often eated with salt and Lechon, Lechon is a whole roasted pork ussually it is the center of the partys here in the Philippines. For dessert you can try Halo-halo, A dessert which composed of the seasonal fruit available together with beans,milk,leche flan and ice cream.


Filipino love to eat , We have our own McDonalds which is callled Jollibee. Trust me Jollibee is way better than McDonalds.

Guide to Philippine food: https://www.willflyforfood.net/2015/08/15/14-delicious-things-to-eat-in-the-philippines-from-a-local/


In the Philippines the products are cheap. We have tiangge here where you can buy wholesale and retail items. People can bargain too but not that much for it is already cheap. If you want to buy products you can try to go to Quiapo and Taytay Tiangge those too is the best place to go shopping.Just be careful for many here live poorly and being a pick pocketer is their job.

Dress Code

There is no dress code you can wear what you want as long as it fits the occasion. Foreigner thinks that we are a Christian –Catholic country makes us dress conservatively but no we have freedom to what we wear. 


The only dress code here in the Philippines in school , students must wear long skirts for girls and long pants for boys.

We Love to Sing

It is a well known fact here in the Philippines that all filipino can sing really well. The reason? I dont know. It is a filipino inborn talent. The Philippines love to sing that many of the house hold have videoke or have vidoeoke applications on their phone . Videoke is essential  when partying Filipino like to go to videoke to sing and eat. So if you are visiting the Philippines get ready because you will be singing.


You can only commonly see cars in the city. But in rural areas people is using motorcycles and don’t have traffics. Traffic in the Philippines is located in the Capital and the heaviest traffic you can find is in Pasig , In there you can be stuck in the car for three long hour. 


And by the way do not use taxi in the Philippines many of them will only make you pay three to four times the amount you should pay. Try to booked for grab or if not have a friend to pick you up from the airport.


Filipino are the most family oriented people. We do not have heirarchy but we take it seriously to respect our elders. We cannot talk bluntly in our elders. We have our own word when talking to elders which is “po” and “opo” . When entering a house you should remove your slippers or shoe and if you see and elderly man or woman you should give respect by taking his/her hand and putting it to your forehead while saying “mano po”. 


Common filipino family do not leave their houses even if they grew old and have kids they will live with their parents and aunties and uncles. Or if not they will live near or close by the neighborhood because of that you will never be alone in the Philippines there will be always someone near you in birthdays and Christmas.


Filipino household do not use vacums or hovers they use walis tambo and walis tingting. They also do not have toiletpapers and showers they use tabo and water and these things are magical, Once you encounter these thing your life will change and you cannot live withut them hahaha.


The Philippines is the only predominant Catholic country in asia and 90% of its population is adherent to Christianity . It is because of the spanish colonization. The Philippines is the Third largest Catholic country in world. 


Learn more about local religions and spiritualities here: 


Volunteering in Philippines

Despite of being a poor country volunteering is not strange in our hearts. People here in the Philippines is use to typhoons and natural disasters that we have organizations that s primarily helping those who needs. And it is also one of the reason why i love Philippines they always finds ways despite of any circumstances they are in.

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