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LibriVox ( is a non-profit organization and forum that works to coordinate their volunteers to record audio versions of books in the public domain. Since LibriVox doesn’t provide this software for you, you will need to have this software to make the recordings. This is a forum where you can find a variety of tasks for you to complete as a part of this team.


There are a variety of roles that a volunteer can take on here. There are readers, who either read chapters as part of a collaborative project or the entire book as individuals. You can be a book coordinator (BC), who manages the production of specific books. Prooflisteners (DPLs/PLs) who listen to the recordings to flag obvious errors that can be very easily fixed before the books are cataloged. Meta-coordinators (MCs) offer support for the volunteers while the books are being produced, then catalog the tasks after they have been completed. Moderators ensure the forums are civil places and that everyone runs smoothly on the forums. Admins ensure that everyone has what they need during the process, maintaining records and the catalog database.

As a volunteer, you get the benefit of taking these public domain books and making them more accessible for people who may not be able to access them

There is no time commitment required. You can take on tasks as you choose to

This organization is passionate about reading and feels as though everything that is currently in the public domain should be enriched so that everyone can better appreciate them. People can get free access to these books, which can help spread the passion for reading and literature.

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, you can check out this page:

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