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Wikipedia ( is an organization that is most known for its vast collection of knowledge. Wikipedia is the brainchild of the non-profit organization Wikimedia. This organization hosts this free online encyclopedia, which contains topics that are created, edited, and verified by volunteers across the globe. It is also made possible by people who donate money to keep this organization running.


Any additions that you add to their Wikipedia pages have cited sources and verifiable source. You can also volunteer by doing an Edit-A-Thon, which is where you get a group of people together to edit pages and their content. One example of this is by taking a look at your hometown’s page. If you notice false information or an inaccurate picture of your town, you can edit it so that people get the most accurate information as possible.

The benefit of volunteering here is that you are able to spread access of free information that anyone can use to learn more about a topic.

There is no time commitment when it comes to this volunteer opportunity.

When you volunteer with Wikipedia, they do not keep track of hours that you spend contributing. This means that this isn’t the ideal choice if you are looking to fill community service requirements. Edit-A-Thons are great because it allows you to improve or add entries that they may be missing. For instance, there are a lot of profiles that are missing (particularly of women) that you can create or improve upon. If you have specific knowledge and expertise on a topic or if you just like to do research, this is an excellent online volunteering opportunity.

To learn more about this organization, you can visit this page:

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