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Translators Without Borders ( is an organization that works on translating texts for non-profits and NGOs. This organization depends on their translators in order to successfully translate millions of words as well as running the organization. The goal is to offer translation and language support for the humanitarian and development agencies and many other non-profit organizations across the globe. Language barriers can get in the way of helping to education and spread knowledge.


There are a couple of different opportunities for volunteering at this organization. You can be a translator, but you have to be fluent in at least 1 other language than your native language. You can translate texts for emergency response or for medical texts and many other translation needs. If you lack the language fluency, there are still plenty of opportunities for volunteering here. You can also do graphic or website design, project management, and working on fundraisers to keep this organization running.

One benefit is that you can gain new skills and hone the skills that you already have.

The time commitment is a minimum of 2 or 3 hours every month, which can be done on a schedule that works best for you

Translators Without Borders was originally founded back in 1993 in France. This is a U.S.-based organization that strives to reduce the language gap that tends to hinder international development efforts and critical humanitarian efforts across the globe. The organization maintains a vast global network of translators, which helps this organization to increase access to essential information, fostering understanding, respect, and dignity when it’s needed the most, and overcoming communication barriers. Aid programs are more effective if the people understand it, which is why offering it in their language is the most beneficial approach.

If you would like to learn more about this volunteering opportunity, please visit this page:

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