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The Tor Project ( is a non-profit organization from Massachusetts. They are primarily responsible for maintaining the Tor software, requiring the help of a lot of online volunteers. Tor is free software used for anonymous communication, which will conceal the users location as well as their usage from people who are conducting traffic analysis or network surveillance. Tor software is used by activists across the globe who worry that they can be harmed for their activism or by women who are victims of stalking.


There are several ways that you can help this organization. You could enter relays to help grow the Tor network. You can donate to the cause or describe how Tor has helped you. Documentation volunteers translate the documentation into other languages, document and evaluate programs that are able to be configured for the use of Tor, and which programs are useful.

The benefit of volunteering with the Tor project is that you are able to help keep people safe. From people who are escaping abusive relationships, dissidents, and even journals, they can be safe as they do what they need to using Tor software. There are plenty of uses for this software and you can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

There is no minimum time commitment required to participate as a volunteer here.

Volunteers operate these servers, which help users to improve their security and privacy when online. Both parties are able to connect to communicate with each other without disclosing anyone’s location. For instance, often times journalists will use this program in order to communicate with dissidents or whistleblowers to get their story out without compromising who and where they are.

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