virtual volunteering with Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens

Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens ( is an online database that contains thousands of images within the Smithsonian’s Collections Search Center. When you correctly tag the image about the various people, objects, structures, and any other details that you notice, you can make these images more useful to the organizations that catalog them. You should know that this opportunity doesn’t log volunteer hours if you have to use this time to fulfill some requirement like for school or parole.


Volunteers are expected to tag photos adequately to ensure that they are cataloged properly. This is important because it makes images more useful for libraries, museums, and other archives to catalog. This means that people can search these items up better, allowing them to have an easier time researching these things.

The benefit of volunteering here is that you are able to make this information more accessible by tagging these images and making it easier for people to search for them.

There is no time commitment required for volunteers.

There are over 6,500 landscapes and gardens that are documented within the archives currently. These include over 65,000 images that landscapers, garden enthusiasts, and anyone else can search through. There are over 3,000 glass lantern slides that originate from the 1920s and 1930s, which is at the core of this collection. These were donated to the Smithsonian by an organization called Garden Club of America back in 1992 and have become the core of the Archives. Volunteers are important because they are the people who expand this collection through documenting and photographing document scores of various gardens every year.

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