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Royal British Columbia Museum Transcribe Project ( is a community of online volunteers who transcribe a variety of collections from the museum such as government papers, diaries, and other important documents. Documents that volunteers create become searchable information that can help facilitate research and learning across the globe.


Volunteers work to transcribe information in order to make it more accessible for readers. Any data that is transcribed by volunteers becomes searchable data. You can take care of all of this transcription work from the comforts of your own home, taking on as much or as little as you want to do. You can choose your tasks, taking on things that interest you to keep you involved in the projects.

By volunteering with this organization, you are able to help make these documents and other historical information more available to the public. This can help students perform better research or allow people who just want to learn more easily find the information that they need.

There is no mandatory time commitment required of the volunteers.

The purpose of Transcribe is to encourage people across the globe help digitalize these important historical records. The first part of this project is diaries and letters that were written by British Columbians from the First World War. The goal is to add more projects eventually to help grow the digital database for everyone who wants to have access to it. This organization uses open-source technology from a modified build by the DIY History site from the University of Iowa.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, you can learn more by visiting this link:

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