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OpenMRS ( is an online community of volunteers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds including technology, international development, and healthcare. Working with these volunteers, they are working to create the largest and most flexible technology in the world that supports the delivery of healthcare. This is created to overcome the most challenging environments on the planet.


There are several different opportunities to help this organization succeed. Developers, documentation and knowledge manage, translation, and bug testing are all ways that people can participate with this program. If you don’t have time to volunteer, you can also choose to donate to this important cause

A major benefit of volunteering with OpenMRS is knowing that you are helping make a difference in the quality of healthcare that people across the globe can receive. By improving healthcare management tools, you can offer these countries an open-source medical record system to help people get the best care possible.

There is not exact requirement for time commitment as a volunteer with this organization.

OpenMRS is currently used across the globe including the United States, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Haiti, India, and many other countries. This list of countries is constantly growing. OpenMRS in a non-profit collaborative that is led by Partners in Health and Regenstrief Institute. These are leading organizations in healthcare, advocacy, and medical informatics research. The goal of this organization is to store medical information in a way that is easy to read, summarize and analyze. This team is always growing to meet the high demand for this type of service.

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