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Humanity Road ( is an organization that has volunteers use their mobile and internet communications technologies as a way to collect, then verify and route this information during a sudden onset disaster. Volunteers use the internet to both provide crucial public safety information and directs the public to those governmental and aid agencies that are offering necessary assistance for those affected by these disasters.


There are a few ways that you can be a part of the volunteer team here at Humanity Road. You can use social media and other methods of using internet and mobile communications technology for good. Or, you could be a part of fundraising efforts to help those who have been affected by these disasters. If you run a business, you can collaborate with Humanity Road to have a positive impact during this time of need. All volunteers are extensively trained to be the most effective during these disasters.

When you volunteer with Humanity Road, you will gain such benefits as improved skills, learn teamwork and can potentially save lives. There are also certificates that you can earn as a volunteer as well as Humanity Road Service Awards and US Presidential Service Awards that you can earn.

The time commitment is as flexible as you need to it be in order to fit in your schedule.

This organization was founded by Cat Graham and Chris Thompson in 2010. These twin sisters started this organization to help connect people and emergency officials with the help and resources that they need should a disaster strike. Their organization was built on early adoption and improvement to the response system for sudden onset disasters.

To learn more about volunteering at Humanity Road, visit this link:

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