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GLOBE Observer App ( gives volunteers the opportunity to record any environmental observations that you notice to compare to NASA satellite observations. This helps the scientific community to study both Earth and its global environment. There are many things included with this app, including Clouds, allowing you to photograph the clouds above you and record these sky observations with the satellite images NASA has. There are many components of this app, so you can find something that you truly love to do when volunteering.


Volunteers can choose their protocol, choosing between Clouds, LandCover, Trees, and Mosquito Habitat Helper. You have the ability to help create great exhibits or a permanent display for citizen science. There are plenty of ways that you can help with this organization; you just need to find the tasks that are best for your skills and passions.

The biggest benefit of volunteering for GLOBE Observer App is that you can contribute valuable scientific data to GLOBE and NASA, as well as your local community and interested parties across the globe. The best way to approach this is by downloading the app and focusing on the tools that you find most interesting. You can take note of breeding sites of the mosquitos. You can photograph and classify land that satellite images may not get good detail of. This is all information that is useful to the community.

There is no time commitment.

The goal here is to become a “citizen environmental scientist”. GLOBE Observer app gives you the tools that you need to best accomplish your tasks. For instance, the information about the mosquito breeding grounds can be helpful to health organizations especially if there is a high amount of mosquito related diseases in the area and assessing risks of these diseases to the community.

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