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Educurious ( is an organization that has online volunteers who have a background in English Language Arts or Science. These volunteers work closely with high school students in order improve educational outcomes of these students in their upcoming classes. Volunteers will use the Educurious Platform to allows students the opportunity to ask for feedback on their assignments. The volunteers aren’t supposed to do the work for them or grade it, rather the goal is to help improve their knowledge of these topics.


Volunteers will work to better develop the skills of the students while also exposing them to new careers. Any volunteers should be passionate about learning and be a professional in some industry such as business, journalism, medicine, science, and marketing. You will need to answer questions about your career, industry, and education as asked by the student. You are here to provide valuable insights for the student.

As a volunteer with Educurious, you get the benefit of helping students get the help that they need to succeed in life. You can have such a significant impact on the lives of the students you are helping, which is one of the best benefits of all.

There is no specific time requirement for volunteers. Whatever you can do for this organization is appreciated, as long as you do your best to complete your tasks well.

Volunteers have access to onboarding, training, and any support that they need through highly informational webinars. As a volunteer, you will join an incredible network of other professionals who are committed to helping this next generation of students to achieve their goals. These are future adults that can be inspired to be active in their communities and may even become influential leaders themselves.

To learn more about the volunteer opportunities at Educurious, visit this link:

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