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eBird ( is an organization that supports the National Audubon Society. When you go birding (bird-watching) or if you see a bird in your binoculars, you can enter this information into a database. This information will include where, when, and how you went on this adventure, then complete a checklist of any of the birds you saw and heard while you were out.


The only expectation for the volunteers is that they take note of birds as they see and hear them while out in nature. With the eBird app, this can be even easier for you to do while you are out and about.

A major benefit is that you can help keep these databases updated. Biodiversity is so important to the environment, which is why having this information can be useful. The organizations use this information to track the patterns of these birds and find out where they are located. Experts can get a better understanding and distribution of the unique biodiversity of the planet.

There is no mandatory time commitment for this organization.

In 2002, eBird was founded with a basic idea: birdwatchers have unique knowledge and experience that are individual to them. The team at eBird gathers the information through checklists, archives this information, and share it to help with conservation, education, and science purposes. This has since grown to reward birdwatchers for participating in this project. You can manage your lists, audio recordings, and see real-time maps of where these species have been found.

To learn more about the project or learn how to get involved, you can check out this page:

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