Crisis Text Line ( is a free national crisis intervention and counseling service that is available 24/7 through SMS text message. By making this service available by text message, you are going to be better able to reach young people under the age of 20. Volunteers use a web-based platform to offer emotional support to the people texting them as needed. People text in with a wide range of issues including suicide, self-harm, or bullying. Having this access to help can make a major difference in the lives of people who really need it.

USA, UK, Canada

As this is a 24/7 organization, people will be needed for all shifts to ensure someone is there when people in need contact the organization. Volunteer candidates are required to go through training, which takes about 34 hours and 8 weeks, before they are able to become volunteer. The greatest need for volunteers is during the late night hours, between 7pm and 3am PST.

As a volunteer with this organization, you can feel good about yourself knowing that you are making an impact on someone else’s life. It may seem like a small act, but it can be a big act for the person you are helping. You are potentially saving lives with this volunteer opportunity.

There is a time commitment when you sign up for a volunteer position at this organization. Volunteers are required to take a single 4-hour shift once a week for an entire year.

Formed out of, Crisis Text Line was born. This was created to ensure that everyone who needed help had easy access to it. It quickly spread across the United States and is now even located in the UK and Canada. The goal is to offer the best and most accessible help that people in need can use when they need it the most.

To learn more about this opportunity, you can visit this site:

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