Career Village ( is an organization that was formed to offer career guidance and advice for underprivileged youth. The goal is to help these young people not only create the personal goals that they need to succeed but also to create the right path for success in their future. Some people have more advantages due to their social standing or otherwise, and this organization wants to level the playing field so everyone can have a chance for success.


Volunteers should be people who have worked in, or currently work in, that specific industry that the youth is interested in. This allows you to better answer the questions that they have on how to move forward in their career. You also need a LinkedIn account.

The biggest benefit you can get from volunteering is knowing that you are helping these otherwise underserved youth achieve their career goals. Often times these are the youth that are left behind, so knowing that you are helping them on the right path is very rewarding.

You can answer whatever questions that you want to answer when you want to. These answers can be short or more detailed, depending on what you want to do.

While this is for all youth looking for advice in a specific career field, the focus is on low-income communities. There are youth that may be the first ones to attend college in their family, first generation immigrants, or have some other obstacle in their way of achieving their career goals. Young people are encouraged to ask questions that will help them achieve their goals.

For more information, you can learn about this organization and how to become a volunteer by visiting here:

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