Association of Internet Research Specialists ( is a non-profit organization that promotes integrity, value, internet researching, science, and education. The research professional volunteers are tasked with making meaningful presentations and derive inferences from their extensive research. This non-profit promotes online research as a profession, providing education and training as well as offering a credential system. This organization is backed by knowledgeable industry experts.

Ontario, Canada

There are various opportunities that volunteers can get with Zooniverse. You can be a researcher that works towards gathering information on topics. Or, you can transcribe information like in the Old Weather Project, where you transcribe hand-written weather observations. There are plenty of opportunities so that you can find something that you excel at and can help this organization with.

There are quite a few benefits of volunteering with this organization. First of all, you can grow your own professional network. You can also learn some valuable online research skills, helping you to hone your current skills and develop new ones that can help you on a professional level. Lastly, this organization helps you to develop as a leader. You can make a major difference in your professional life as well as your community with the work that you do with the Association of Internet Research Specialists.

Aside from the time it takes to complete any training, there is no time commitment required.

This organization was founded because they believed that finding relevant information online was a difficult task. Finding the information that you want can require you to learn the most effective techniques of searching the various search engines. This organization wants to help others learn how to do this so that they can get the accurate information that they are looking for.

If you want to learn more about the Association of Internet Research Specialists, you can visit this page:

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