Virtual Volunteering with Amnesty International Decoders

Amnesty International Decoders ( are a group of digital and online volunteers that focuses on helping expose human rights abuses. Each of the volunteers receive a short description about someone who has suffered from human rights abuses who need support. After this, the volunteers will use an AI tool in order to identify key details about anyone who was involved to see if there was some type of positive result. This information is then compiled into the system and the AI is used to research and track the abuses and responses.


Everyone who is passionate helping you out and want to make an impact. Volunteers are engaged, politically aware, passionate, and altruistic. The volunteers get training that can help them be more effective at the job.

When you volunteer with this organization, you can help them to decode the results of several Urgent Actions from the party part of the 1970s to the present.

Anyone who wants to be a part of this amazing program can participate, as long as they have a computer, tablet, or phone with internet capabilities. There is no time requirement. You just need to complete the various tasks on the site. You can spend as little as a few minutes analyzing data or as much as several hours

You are able to generate a certificate for your time volunteering on this site, if you are looking to complete community service hours. When you submit your analysis of various documents, videos, and satellite images as well as other potential evidence, this data is used to advance the work in human rights.

If you are interested in volunteering or want to learn more about this organization, you can check out this link:

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