Bpeace (https://www.bpeace.org/) is a non-profit organization that recruits established business professionals in order to help entrepreneurs in war torn countries. Some of these countries include Afghanistan and Rwanda. The goal is to create and expand businesses and employment, with a focus on the women in these countries. The team here is full of optimistic, committed, and courageous business leaders who want to encourage peace by providing more jobs and empowering women economically.


To be a member, you will need to have a particular area of expertise in project management or professional development. If this doesn’t apply, you can still be a member if you know where and how to recruit American-based businesses that will host entrepreneurs who are traveling to the United States as part of this program. You also need to pay an annual fee to be a part of this organization and volunteer online.

The primary benefit of joining this organization is the way you can impact the lives of these people, particularly women, who have struggled for economic freedom. You are giving others the opportunity to grow themselves as a professional to become an economically empowered individual.

There are no exact time commitments required as part of this volunteer opportunity.

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