How much does it cost To be a part of this community ?

Nothing Our Site is 100% Free for Both Volunteers and Host . Please consider  making a donation so we can keep this community running

What Should I bring when Volunteering Abroad ?

Great Question!! We have tried to make it easy for you so that is why on every volunteering opportunity will let you know what you need for their particular climate and of course depending on the type of opportunity it is ….

Blog Article will be put here shortly which will give you more details , we always welcome anyone who would like to contribute and get more exposure for writing for our volunteering community volunteer@volunteerabroadforfree.org

How Do You Verify the Organizations?

Any organization that would like to be part of our community will have to fill out a form and answer a list of questions that has been proposed by YOU the community.

After questions have been reviewed by certain community members in a private group with various backgrounds in the volunteering spectrum they will decide whether we shall let them a create a profile on our website.

When you see a profile with a link back to our website that means this org has been reviewed by us and this is an org that meets our approval process.

Please understand nothing is permanent , if we receive complaints for this org, we will revoke their membership.

Are You a Non Profit?

We are a registered Non-Profit in the United States

Do You Offer Insurance ?

Yes We do with Our Partner World Nomads For USA

How old do I have to be?

18 Years or Older .

Will you sponsor my trip?

We are not in the position to fund an individuals  volunteering opportunity, however  the  majority of the opportunities  we offer on our community platform are offering free food and accommodation.

For the organizations that are not able to provide these amenities  due to lack of finical means , will never ask you for anything more than money for food and accommodation this part of our community guidelines FEE FREE policy .

Can I bring my children volunteering with me?

Their is a lot of things to consider when your children are involved ….

(Sample Questions)

How old are your Children?

What skills do your children have?

Do they behave themselves ?

Please keep in mind organization  is not a day care center  and this decision to take your child with you volunteering abroad can be amazing experience but also a decision that should not be taken lightly .

Every opportunity is different so always check with the organization first and  see if they activities available for them

How long can I volunteer for?

Their is a lot factors that come into play when volunteering abroad and the length of time that you have available to volunteer is going to also determine the type of opportunity that is right for you

As far as How Long?  You can usually volunteer in most countries (SOME COUNTRIES A VOLUNTEERING  VISA IS REQUIRED ) on a simple tourist visa any volunteering that exceeds the length of stay of your tourist visa will require you having to obtain a special visa and you will need a letter from the organization you are volunteering at.

Can we advertise with you?

Of course please send us an email info@volnteerabroadforfree.org

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