Volunteer in Trinidad and Tobago

Volunteer in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin- island Republic located at the southernmost tip of the Caribbean archipelago, with its nearest neighbor being Venezuela. Having attained its Independence from England in 1962, it has celebrated 58 years as an Independent state

Volunteering in Norway

Volunteer in Norway

Physically Norway is one of Europe’s largest countries in area, but one of the smallest in terms of population, this makes Norway Europe’s second least densely populated country.

Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia

Cambodia is considered as the fourth friendliest country in the world by Expat Insider Survey in 2017. Foreigners feel the local people are welcoming and gentle; moreover, the country is very easy to settle down which makes them feel at home instantly.

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal

Nepal is a country of paradise as it is covered by spectacular hills and mountain and unity in diversity is the unique aspect of the country Nepal. It is landlocked as well as an agricultural country.

Volunteering in Mexico

Volunteer In Mexico

exico has one of the most complex location on the continent. It borders the United States, the Caribbean nations, and the rest of Latin America. Historically, it has also has had cultural connections with Asia and Africa.

Volunteering in Jamaica

Jamaica is a great place and very good to visit and partake in the local culture. While it is a popular destination, there are many areas where it is still developing and may do well with volunteerism.

Volunteering in Canada

Volunteer in Canada

Canada is made up of 10 provinces and three territories that cover six time zones. Bilingualism, multiculturalism, and respect for human rights characterize Canada. Canada has a diverse economy.

Volunteer in France

Volunteering in France

It is the most visited country in the world. It boasts 2 seas, 1 ocean, 7 mountain ranges, a handful of
overseas territories and over 5500 km of coastline. It is the second biggest country in Europe and is
home to various landscapes, regions, cultures and sites as different one from another as they are

Volunteer in Singapore

Volunteer in Singapore

Singapore is an island and a country. Known as a city state and located at the south side of Malaysia. It is the most modern city and a small island with a mix of Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian, English cultures and religions.

Volunteering in South Africa

Volunteer in South Africa

Traveling to South Africa is almost like traveling to several countries in one place. Therefore, volunteering in the country is always an adventure, regardless of where you choose to volunteer or what you choose to do while here.

Volunteering in Kenya

Volunteering in Kenya

Kenya is a stunning country endowed with gorgeous sandy beaches, unique wildlife species and a rich culture. It’s no wonder tourists from every corner of the globe flock the country every year to experience firsthand it’s remarkable nature.

Volunteer in Venezuela


Venezuela, officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a tropical country located towards the north coast of South America, it has many natural attractions. Its privileged geographical location allows a surprising variety of ecosystems

Volunteer in United States

Volunteer in United States

The United States have different topographies ranging from oceans and beaches, to countrysides, to mountains.  The population is very mixed, with a majority of people based in cities, but because of the humongous area of land, people live on farms as well


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