Become a Host

Become a Host

Have access to thousands of volunteers from around the world who are looking to make a difference in the world




How To Get Approved on Volunteer Abroad For Free

1. Create Your Profile

Afer you login in, you will be redirected to your profile, please kindly click on edit profile and answer all the necessary questions that pertain to your organization.



2. Create your Volunteering Opportunity

After you have filled out all the necessary information in your profile you can now create your volunteering opportunity , you can do so by clicking on the profile icon at the top right hand corner  of the website and click ADD NEW LISTING


This a step by step process everything you do in our community needs to be approved by our approval team so please have patience we will be with you as soon as possible

add new listing

3. Volunteering Management  Dashboard

After you click on add new listing on the top of the website you will be taken to your front end dashboard. This is where you can add your volunteering opportunity  , as well as keep track all of your incoming volunteers  and all this is completely free of charge

Volunteer Dashboard

Keep Everything Under Control

Volunteer  Management

Keep track of all your incoming volunteers under one simple, easy and FREE to use dashboard.

Booking System

Your Volunteers can now book their next Volunteer Opportunity like they book a hotel room by selecting the dates they want to volunteer and you are also  able to block out dates if necessary  as well as set a minimum time commitment in the booking system

100% Free

Our Platform is here to help you in anyway we can , we strictly run off donations , please consider making a donation to our community if you find our platform useful , you can also  help us by putting a link on the volunteering section of your website with a direct link to your opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Volunteering Opportunity can I post ?

Fee Free Volunteering Opportunity , you are NOT allowed to charge volunteers unless it is a small fee to cover food and accommodation (We understand the cost of living can vary per country , so we will take this into consideration when reviewing your application  )

No Voluntourism 

No Orphanages  This is a complicated subject matter and we are working with different organizations to see how we should proceed

Self Funded Volunteering Opportunities are allowed

How much does this cost?

Our entire platform is free for everyone to use

How to upgrade to featured volunteering opportunity ?

We love to help bring more awareness to your organization , write us an email at

Who to become an host?

We only focus on Social Impact Projects , we DO NOT  support work exchange in our community , your project has to have a primary focus of giving back to the local community.

How to get in touch with volunteers?

All volunteers in our community create a profile in our database which you are welcome to search and message them directly from your host account


Do you offer a Volunteer management system?

Yes you can now manage all your volunteers directly on our platform and not have to worry about incurring any additional cost . You can direct all future volunteers to book directly through our website and we will make it easy for you to keep track of all future volunteers as well as have a verified review system that allows volunteers to review you after they have checked in.  All this is FREE OF CHARGE


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