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Sidelines ( is a non-profit organization that provides international support for both women and their families who are dealing with complicated pregnancies and premature births. This support most often comes from volunteers who have shared similar situations as these families are currently dealing with.


Volunteers need to complete an online training course, which includes reading a variety of articles on the topics of Communications and Listening Skills, Guidelines for Support, and Loss and Grief. It is not the volunteer’s place to offer medical advice, rather volunteers encourage women who have medical concerns to be open with their healthcare team. Volunteers offer their support through participating in discussion groups, video chat, on the phone, via email, or even sometimes visiting them at their homes or in the hospital. This is a flexible opportunity, allowing you to work within your own schedule.

The biggest benefit of volunteering with Sidelines is that you are offering support to these women and families at a very difficult time in their lives. You are helping them overcome their anxiety by offering them support and advice as needed.

There are no minimum time commitments required as a volunteer of Sidelines.

This organization was formed after the founder experienced infertility and very difficult pregnancies. After realizing that she lacked the peer support she felt like she needed, she decided that women shouldn’t feel like they are alone at these times. So she started an organization with volunteers who have experienced these complications and difficulties to help others who are experiencing that. It can be easy to feel alone during these difficult times but knowing that there are people who understand what you are going through makes a huge difference.

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