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National Archives Citizen Archivists ( is an organization with online volunteers who are responsible for adding tags and/or transcriptions to records. This helps to improve the search results across the major search engines so that artistic and historical records area easier to discover. The volunteers also make some difficult to read text more readable so that everyone can enjoy it.


There are a few different ways that volunteers can work with this organization. Volunteers can contribute by tagging, meaning that you add keywords, labels, and terms to records that help other people find these same records. Volunteers can also do transcription work, which allows the works to be more legible for readers and to help them be more easily found by people. Volunteers can also comment on certain records if they have a particular expertise on the topic, helping people learn what you learned from these documents or offer information about related records.

The benefit of volunteering here is to ensure that other people can have access to this information that may have been hard to find previously. The internet is about making knowledge accessible and this is one way you can help with this.

Volunteers have no time commitment requirement for this opportunity.

This organization believes that by tagging and transcribing these documents, they are unlocking history. National Archives Citizen Archivists makes this their goal, helping people access these documents whether they want to learn more for their own purposes or if this could help them with their studies. Making this information more accessible is the mission of this organization and they rely on volunteers to accomplish this mission.

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