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Knowbility ( is a non-profit organization from Austin, Texas that hosts OpenAIR, which is an annual online hackathon. This hackathon has web designers (who are all volunteers) work remotely to build accessible websites for non-profit organizations over a period of 5 weeks.


Volunteers must be either professional web designers or students focusing on website development. You are able to register just yourself and be assigned a team or you can create a team and register to participate in this opportunity. There are different ways that you can volunteer with Knowbility in addition to being a web designer. You can volunteer as an events planner, marketing specialist, or as a sponsor of the event.

The benefit of volunteering is knowing that you are helping these non-profits get better websites to help get their message out and to better help the people they are looking to help. Non-profits rely on their websites as much as businesses do to achieve their mission.

The time commitment is several hours over the course of this 5 week period. Event planners need to commit to 5 hours every week from July to January to plan for the Accessibility Internet Rally. This is the same time commitment for marketing volunteers.

Knowbility also provides equal access technology for people who have disabilities. This organization understands the importance of accessible technology for the purposes of education as well as offering employment and social opportunities that they may not receive without this access. That is why it is so important for them to make these non-profit websites more accessible for people who have disabilities.

To learn more about the volunteer opportunities on this site, check out this page:

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