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Cuso International E-Volunteering ( works to reduce inequality and poverty through working with donors, incredibly skilled volunteers, and collaborative partnerships. There is a variety of tasks that you can perform when you volunteer for this organization including website design, translating, advising on business topics, and logo design.


As a volunteer, you are expected to have a reliable computer with internet capabilities. Upon signing up, you can take a survey to see what type of placement will work best for your talents and abilities. You can check their e-volunteering boards to see what opportunities are available. Your role will be based upon your own skills in the areas of communications, design, business development, IT support, and education.

When you volunteer at Cuso International E-Volunteering, you don’t just get the benefit of giving back to the community. You also get the opportunity to learn new skills and hone your skills, as well as make new connections.

There are time commitments required for volunteers. You must be available for between 2-7 hours every week to be a volunteer here.

You should be aware that the opportunities are generally only available to volunteers who live in Canada or are Canadian citizens. If you want the ability to volunteer but think you lack the time to do it, online volunteer opportunities allow you to make a difference in the community from the comforts of your home. You can find opportunities that you are passionate about and reflect your skills so that you can make the biggest impact on the community.

To sign up or learn more about these opportunities, visit this site:

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